What Is W.I.P. All About? 

1AngelFace @ W.I.P

1. Natural women every day (no superstar models)   will be picked with their story to be our cover model for the month.

2. Women In Prime W.I.P wants to keep the Passion in Women-keeping LOVE ALIVE.

3. Successful Women- success stories that may help you to achieve success as an entrepreneur

4.  Women helping Women towards success. We help women build an online business, to become entrepreneurs.

5. What keeps a man attracted to you.

6. Hearing women’s love stories can help inspire others.

 “Send A Picture so you may be picked for our model of the month along with your love story”      

Models are randomly picked so anyone could have a chance. As long as your not a supermodel in a magazine it could be you on our front page. We want natural everyday beauty here.

Lenette and Sheri natural beauty shown on W.I.P
Natural Beauty Shines Here At W.I.P

“We are not prejudiced against supermodels, we are focusing on the natural everyday women at this website.”