October 2, 2020

About W.I.P. (Women In Prime) Keeping Love, Passion, Relationships Alive

About W.I.P. (Women In Prime) 

W.I.P is about Keeping Love, Passion, Relationships Alive. Keeping love, passion and relationships alive. It does not seem so normal as people are so earsy to divorce instead of working through their differences. Well I guess that is normal in this day and age.ipp W.I.P (Women In Prime) focuses on keeping passion between two people alive.

 Burning Desire

Do you remember that burning desire for each other? When you would search out any place near by to be together; like finding a closet at the movie theater to slip into, or finding secluded rocks on your hike, being in your pool naked, you just could not get enough of each other. Those butterflies were going crazy in your stomach. 

What Happened To The Butterflies?

 Than, somehow one day you wake up and realize that love seemed to be lost, and you took each other for granted. What happened to the butterflies? Love takes work in the sense of not forgetting each other in your daily lives. Careers, your to busy, children, your sex life is on the back burner. Putting your love life on the side, not taking the time for yourselves, will create space and can cause cheating as one or the other will start to miss that passion and go somewhere else to find it. Love should be not forgotten. Keep the butterflies alive.  

Negative Forces 

When we allow to much to come between our relationship, to tired to be passionate, or the same rutine becomes boaring, not giving each other the attention you need to keep that flame burning, than negative forces can come into play. We start fantasizing about someone at work, or an old fling, than acting upon thoes burning desires because you are in need of that feeling of passion, love, a better sex life. Do not let negative forces take you down.

 Communicating Your Needs 

Is so important. If your partner truly cares for you, they would be happy to oblige you. Much better to communicate than make a decision that could destroy your relationship forever. Do 

Not Be Lazy 

God does not want people to be lazy and forget the important things in life, as he gives us a solid foundation which is him. People become lazy in this day and age in relationships not fully taking care of each others needs, do not want to communicate with each other. Do not be lazy! Tell your partner what you want and need. Even if it is just a quickie before you sleep and holding each other afterwords helps to keep the closeness of each other and the wanting of each other.

 Keeping The Passion Alive 

Do not be shy. If there are desires and and you have an imagionation, come out with it. I bet your partner has some too but is not sure how to ask. JUST ASK! Doing wild things or off the spur of the moment type things keep your relationship fun, keeping the passion alive. 

Where Did The Passion Go? 

I have had women complaining about the passion not heating in their life, how to keep love alive and others wondering how the burning flame was there one one day and it is gone the next.

 Some women are confident in there careers and sex life; some are confident in there careers and not happy with their sex life. Adult life pleasures are not always played upon as some women are not sure of themselves, or how to openly express what they want. “Sometimes in relationships women get lost in their careers, raising families and we forget to keep love in life flowing.”

Rekindling Love

W.I.P. wants to give you ideas on how to rekindle love in your relationship.  Maybe you just need some ideas on keeping love alive.  I’m hoping through stories women can gain ideas so the butterflies never go away,  so then flame on the candle does not burn out.  I would love to post your story about your relationship and why has it been so good for you.  

Furthermore,  sometimes by hearing someone else’s story, something may click to help someone else. Women can gain ideas through other love stories keeping the passion alive, or rekindling one you do much cherish. 

Here at W.I.P, there are going to be some love stories that rock your world.  W.I.P also wants to help women that want to own their own business online, and give you great investing information for your future.  

You are W.I.P. Women In Prime. 

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