September 29, 2020


SAM lives in colorful Colorado where her family has a huge history there. There are many times my family had the chance to become huge entrepreneurs but did not realize how important it could have been for future generations. An example is Golden Gate Park in Golden, Colorado. A huge part of that was her family at one time and the state took it from my grandmother or the street barricades that her grandpa had designed and Public Service took over the idea of offering my grandfather a settlement offer. I have designed this website back in the day when there were only magazines to buy. God has given us all something special and through him, we can do anything. I want women to know they are all naturally beautiful, strong and they can be successful if they want to. Rather it is owning your own business or investing and knowing how to invest so you do not need a broker. No one cares about your money more than you do. I want to help women to know they can be successful too. Every month I would like women to write in their stories about Romance, Sucess, something they want to know an answer to anything as long as it is not aggressive towards anyone or violent or anything that can hurt someone. This is about building a better you and sometimes we can learn from other stories. Please send in a photo with your story if you want to be picked for the model of our front page for a month. Who knows maybe you could be discovered. What better way to understand from a women's point of view to another's, so I welcome your stories and pictures.


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