September 29, 2020

Coronavirus Real Possibilities

Today I am writing about coronavirus real possibilities with Japan and the Elite 1% of the World. Prospects on coronavirus how it really started-as I unfold the information on this pandemic. Dr. Duc C Young has predicted that we will have over a million and a half infected by Easter. The only thing about his predictions so far is the number of infections has been a little less than his predictions.

Information on how the coronavirus real possibilities, New York’s hospitals, the growing number of predictions, what you should do to protect yourself, your pets and how to handle your groceries.

A Little Note

One more thing, I do make comparisons sometimes in my website with God and what is going on today to prove he is real. I do not cram him down your throat as some people accuse Jahoca Witnesses to do.

I have not ever claimed to be perfect, but I always believed and was saved at 8. I always spoke of God, even when I was younger. My friends hated it sometimes but now some of them are now Christians. Even though I did not always lead by example, I never denied God.

When I was young scientists did not believe. Now they have the scientific evidence to prove there is God as many now believe. Cool! So I just throw in a verse here and there to show how things coincide. It is your choice, but do not ignore the facts.

What Is Coronavirus

I would think by now we all know what the coronavirus is, but how much research have you all done on it? I would guess I am not the only one to speculate that this has been around a little longer then we have been told.

I will give you some information and you can speculate for yourself. Is this possible control population from the rich and powerful elite or possibly a way for China to weaken our system to take over the world?

If you stop and think, China did not give us information right away and held back. If you watch vedios of China right after the break out of COV-19. people in China right away were wearing masks getting this pandemic more under control then the US did.

The government, especially Trump does not watch the news much and goes off facts. As our government was relaying messages to us not to worry, we do not need to wear masks.

Dr.s have found out the hard way after losing colleges that unless you are wearing a full-fledge suit, not just goggles and masks, you are susceptible to the airborne disease. This is why Dr. Young and Dr. Caleb Hernandez predict every person will get the virus, and it will only get worse.

“Please pray “

Dr. Hernandez is someone close to me on the frontline in New York. There are semis, more then he has been able to keep track of with freezers just for dead bodies. He is fortunate enough to have one of the spacesuits I call them to protect his life, unlike others helping your family members only wearing masks, goggles, and gloves. He is exhausted and this has taken a tole as more death climb after being intubated the last few weeks.

Dr. Young explains that it is like a hurricane. It is wide spread but as it comes onto land it condenses and hits full force. What he also means by this is as you are walking down the street, 6 feet is not good enough because the glob of air, the denseness just lingers there.

COV-19 is just waiting to hit the next victim as they walk by even minutes later, come by as it floats in the air to attack your membranes in your eyes, nose, and mouth. Waiting to attach itself onto your body as you walk by another person, and to keep it lingering in the air as you carry it home.

The US nuclear warship, The Roosevelt has docked in Guam as 114 sailors and captain have tested positive for the virus according to Lucy Cramer with the Wall Street Journal. So if you are on a military base or on a ship, do not think you are safe. Far from it. Did others know about this virus before the out-brake?

Event 201

Event 201 Date October 19, 2019. Weeks later the coronavirus broke out. I tend to think this has been going on longer because of information I have dug up with China not being truthful and the Chinese representative that was part of the elite Event 201 in New York.

Event 201 and the Elite?

I bet most of you did not know about Event 201 that took place on October 4th as the rich elite invited Bill Gates as they discussed how COV-19 would go instead of using a pig instead of a Bat. There were no photographs, no media of film or pictures during the event, only after. The only media there is the head of almost all media, Hasti Taghi. These are the richest people in the world,

The Few Elite of The World

Johnson and Johnson * Sofia Borges, Senior Vice President, UN Foundation * George Gao, Director-General, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention * Bill and Malinda Gates * Hasti Taghi, Vice President & Executive Advisor, NBCUniversal MediaLavan Thiru, Chief Representative, Monetary Authority of Singapore * Hasti Taghi, Vice President and Executive Advisor, NBCUniversal Media * Jane Halton, Board member, ANZ Bank * Former Secretary of Finance and Former Secretary of Health, Australia Matthew Harrington * Global Chief Operations Officer, Edelman (one of the largest PR/marketing consultancy firms in the world, in fees/revenue) * Chokwe Ihekweazu, Director General, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

COV-19 What Really Happened

Then Whammo! A month later China breaks out in this deadly disease making COV-9 a reality, I wonder what really happened. As we watched on the internet the Chinese wearing protection, in suited protection right away and South Korea had the information right away to be at a level they can control. Where was Bill I wonder when all this broke out?

Could it be possible as he was the only one to represent the US and he was not even doing that at the Event 201? Could this have gotten more out of control than expected or is it possibly an attack as the Chinese lied to the US and purposely devastated our country to take over the world as they cripple our finances?

Twist- Gates Warned In 2017 of COIV-19

On TED Talk in 2017, Bill Gates warned of a COVID 19 FUTURE PANDEMIC. For years he has been working on different vaccinations. Somehow he got wind of this World War III Pandemic and this elite who own the world know what is going on.

Bill Gates Ted Talk

These elite were either trying to figure out how to stop the virus or put a plan of action into place as the population is cut down first. We will save the elite for another discussion another day. Event 201 was hush-hush no pictures or videos were taken until the end.

Who knows, maybe this is when the antichrist comes out to save the world? God did say there would be widespread epidemics at the end. TB has shown back up, SARS, COID-19, Spanish Flu has shown back up.

Plot or Wrath?

Or, was it part of a plot by the elite as they talked about this pandemic before it erupted. Could it be population control? Or do you think simply it is God’s wrath on us because he is angry?

We are at the end times just like before he flooded the earth, except this time it will be by fire. According to the Bible, a pandemic will sweep across the world around the time there has been a decade of crazy weather and an increase of hatred in humanity in signs of end times.

I would read Signs of End Times so you can get a better understanding of how for the first time in recent history scientists and the Bible agree with many entities that are happening today and will happen in the near future. You need to be ready.

Isaiah 26:20 Message From God

“20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment until the indignation be overpast.”

NIV Christian Bible

Depicted- basically many went on lockdown on the 26 of March. Isaiah 26: The year is 2020; Chapter 20. This is no coincidence when everything else is falling into place. Wake up and pray. The more the prayers we have the louder we are to God and he will stop this thing. Just try it and keep trying, what can it hurt?

In Conclusion To COV-19 Virus

At this point and time, it does not make a difference how this virus came about except if it is an awakener from God trying to get out attention before his coming, which means he is very angry at mankind. If you are a nonbeliever I would still be concerned in the fact of the data that I showed you today.

Either the elite is having a part in this as a way of there way of taking over, or China has become scared of losing the economy they have grown with their military. China had a plan to destabilize the economy if threatened as Trump has with tariffs. China has gone from poor to middle-class and wealthy. Their middle-class drive corvettes.

I think China used this to destabilize the world especially the US. Then Russia moves in to attack with EMP electromagnetic impulse, as it is in the Bible mother Babylon will go down in fire which is us as the bible describes the statue of liberty. Goddess of sex.

Anyway, we all have our own thoughts I just had to share information with you as we all will draw our own conclusion. As I see what is unfolding with humanity and the Bible, it is a God send we all wake up and he wants us to pray to him asking for help. God knows when he weakens us is usually when we want him. We still need to protect ourselves.

How To Protect Yourself

Going Outside

Protect yourself, your eyes, nose, and mouth. First, be sure to wear gloves. The best mask you can get your hands on and if you do not have tight-fitting goggles around your eyes, use what you can to protect your eyes. Even if they are swimming goggles or even sunglasses.


Cleaning your mask, and gloves so you can reuse them by putting them in a jar with 3 ounces of 80% propanol alcohol, shake 20 seconds, let dry. You can reuse the alcohol. Spray a cloth with the alcohol, wipe down your glasses.

How To Make Sanitizer

This is frowned upon as people may not get the right mixtures and make their own sanatizer in a steral inviornment contaminating it. If this is all you hav it is worth a try in my opinion.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Bowl and spoon
  • Funnel
  • Bottle with pump dispenser


  • 2/3 cup 99 percent rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or ethanol
  • 1/3 cup aloe vera gel
  • Do not add anything else as it can take away the potency
  • Mix together


When you bring your groceries home and if you can not keep them outside or in your garage, have an area in your kitchen or table you clean making half for the dirty groceries and the other half for clean groceries.

How to Kill Coronavirus

Take a paper towel or cloth and soak it with any household detergent. Any cleaning detergent will work. Personally I use 1/3 tablespoon of bleach to a cup of water or Lysol. DO NOT MIX THE TWO.

Completely wipe down everything with the damp cloth. If the box can come off the container, throw the box away and wipe down the container. Take the bread out and put it in containers.

If you can not, just wipe down the bread bag well. All fruit and vegetables need to be put in soapy water and rinsed off. Make sure you keep your clean groceries away from the dirty. Take old bags outside and discard right away, and wipe down the area.


If someone is sick, give you pet plenty of baths as they can carry the virus on them. I take sanitizer and rub it on my dog throughout the day 3 to 4 times. This is not what I have discovered, this is just what I do cause they can carry the virus although there was conflicting evidence. To me, not enough is known, so I will protect those around my animals and them as well.

Keep Loved Ones Safe

DO NOT LET ANYONE OVER 60 GO TO THE STORE OR IN PUBLIC. Take care of your family members and clean their groceries for them. Today, there are 26 people dying per hour in New York alone. Yes per hour. Please do your part so we can overcome this pandemic. Unfortunately, Dr’s are saying everyone will get it, which means we are going to lose many friends and loved ones.

Lets Change The Statistics

Let’s change the statistics and I think we can. South Korea acted right away making everyone wear masks, closing down borders right away. Let’s quarantine ourselves and follow what South Korea has done. They took charge right away and have much less damage and control of the virus.

Damage From Coronavirus as of April 3, 2020 6:00 P.M.


Event 201

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