September 29, 2020
women entrapeneurs

Helping Women Entrepreneurs

Helping women entrepreneurs to become successful

Helping Women Entrepreneurs to build an online successful business is something we enjoy doing here at W.I.P. (Women In Prime).


Are you tired of working for someone else? Just like any business, it takes time to grow a successful online business. Within a few months, some have done it less, some it took a little longer. It is up to your time and effort.

Starting an online business, helping women entrepreneurs, or if you are tired of not making money online, this is for you.

If you have not heard about W.I.P., go to W.I.P. Women In Prime to see what we are about.

What Is the Best Type of Business to Have Online?

There are many ways to have a successful online business.

The best type of business to have online is one that has a niche of what is Populair in the community or how you can help someone. 

Create a website based on cryptocurrency, popular clothing styles, watches, a sports team, how you can help someone, the list is forever ongoing.

First, create something that you know will GO VIRAL. Sell your artwork in your gallery, create a workshop, have a tip page like on how to raise a potbelly pig, or how to build a motorcycle.

Learn about bitcoin, ethereum, altcoin & cryptocurrency
Learn about bitcoin, ethereum, altcoin & cryptocurrency

 Teach as you learn, as you educate yourself like on bitcoin, and teach your audience as you go along. Take them on your journey as your audience can learn success too.

As a result, giving others quality products or information is how you get your site to grow. By incorporating ads from companies on your pages, companies will pay you for advertising for them.



STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS for THE FUTURE ENTREPRENEUR we want to see you succeed so we have free training for online business.

We are giving you FREE TRAINING so we are helping women entrepreneurs to become successful every day.

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On the Down Side

The downside is it could take a day, a week, 3 or 4 months before people start buying from if you. 

Second, to make this happen there needs to be two to three hours a day put into your business when you are building up your site so do not quit your job now. 

Wealthy Affiliates educates you on how to overcome difficult situations within your business. Helping women entrepreneurs is what we are about.

Amazon started out as a small online book store

So, just like any business, you have to build it up. Amazon started out selling books and realized if we could sell books, we could sell anything.

Little guy and big guy
Innovating can have BIG success

W.I.P Innovates with Wealthy Affiliate

W.I.P has innovated with the company known worldwide as Wealthy Affiliate.

Helping thousands of women entrepreneurs, and men too, they have been around since 2006. Over one million people have been successful in starting an online business for women and men entrepreneurs. Read review on Wealthy Affiliate, (WA).

  • W.I.P has innovated with Wealthy Affiliate to help you build a successful business online
  • Having your own business will give you an extra income on the side or you can grow into a full-blown business, it is up to you.

For Women Entrepreneurs

This is for women entrepreneurs if you want to become your own boss, have something to do while being home from COVD-19. If you ever wanted to see if starting an online business is for you, now is your chance.

Although anyone can do this, my main focus at W.I.P, in business, is helping women entrepreneurs.

Who wants to have a successful online business, become their own investors,  and have their own sense of independence. 

If you do as Kyle teaches you, you can get yourself ranked on the front page of Google.

Chances are articles you have read by women, Kyle was helping women entrepreneurs to become successful writers.

Successful Online Business Starts Here

10 thoughts on “Helping Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Starting an online business is the most reasonable thing anyo woman can get engaged in since we are usually available to monitor it and build it over time. But then, as lucrative and prospective as it seems, there is a needed demand to ensure that we make use of it while learning in a more reserved and developed environment of people like minded. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform I have learnt well about and I will keep on moving myself towards becoming better with means to making money online. I will check it out ASAP now

  2. Hello WIP,  thanks for putting our success first as a priority to you and thanks for taking it all up to encourage women like us to get involved in making money online because that is the only reasonable approach that anyone could take these days in order to ensure that their progress is steady and money is made to supplement their progress. Thanks so much for suggesting all these and I will surely consider giving wealthy affiliate a chance to thrive. Thanks

  3. I agree that quality products, information, and services are critical to building a long term sustaining online business or any type of business for that matter.  Getting properly educated is also extremely important.

    Wealthy Affiliate certainly has one of the best online training platforms.  For anyone who is willing to invest time and effort, success is just a matter of time.

    You did a good description of the Wealthy Affilliate online program and community.  You have provided people with a very good description of what to expect from WA.  All the Best for your continued Success.

  4. Hi even though am a man, I like the content in the site. It shows mastery of the subject. I also like what you are trying to do for women through your site. For that I wish you success. 

    From my perspective I think you should create more contents around women related issues around your niche even though the current content is ok, more is needed. 

    You will also need to create more content providers, because it will not be good if all the posts on your site are done by one person. Most visitors would like to have a kind of variety. 

    While going through the site I did not see your profile which most people will look for it in the about Mr page. This will be a good idea worth considering. 

    Again in this era of privacy concern, it is a good idea to add you privacy statement so that visitors will see it. Its a most have in my opinion. 

    The link investing on you site needs to be corrected because it is a dead link . 

    The logo in the site is lovely but it needs a face lit to make it come to life.

    There is need for affiliate disclaimer if you plan  to sell some affiliate products on your site. 

    Good luck.

  5. Hi Sam, I am a woman in my prime and I am with wealthy affiliate. Everything you have said about WA is true. I have enjoyed the training, still enjoy them. I have learnt how to build a website and have built two successful websites. I knew very little about computers when I came to wealthy affiliate, now I feel like i’m a pro. Wealthy affiliate is the best place to be online.

    1. Juliet,

      Thank you for your comment and for checking out my website. I truly believe WA is a place anyone can grow wnd shine. What I truly love is how people from all over the world can come here and offer advice, support and also get a different viewpoint of what is going on in other countries. The only place I know where everyone in the world seems to be positive towards one another. I think they deserve to be recognized for this and I am going to write the white house and see what I can do.

  6. Hi! I have been searching for reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and I have already read quite a few. But your review is quite different from all the rest. You present things in a very personal way that’s easy to follow. I also like to see how this Wealthy Affiliate platform has directly helped your site. Your website is a proof that Wealthy Affiliate works! Thanks for this review.

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