October 1, 2020

Home Research COVID-19

Home Research COVID-19 & Keeping Safe, IM Proud To See The World Coming Together On This Pandemic.

W.I.P. Women In Prime are conducting research like those in the lab but geared towards everyone. We want to take all the comments we are hoping to receive and compile it into data to see what may be similar to others or not on what they maybe do to protect themselves.

Then we could take the data against those who were sick and hopefully we will find a common denominator of why some are sicker than others, or why some do not get it at all.

Please help make home research for COVID-19 go viral to collect as much information as we can. We need honesty, please. I hear about trying to come up with a vaccine and honestly, I do not trust it. I feel there is something more that is not being said. This is one way possible we can find a difference.

When you comment let us know if you take vitamins every day, what kind. Are you drinking more water than usual caring sprays with you. Are you eating a balanced diet every day? Let us know if you take Advil or Tylenol, and if there is something you feel you need to add please do so.

Please Share Coronavirus Research Share

Please share and make this viral. I will give the data to the research team to see what is common and not with people around the world.


Can seem like a tough situation. At times, if feels like we are all going to become products of COVS-19. At this point, I think there is not enough evidence to say that a mask and gloves is sufficient to keep us safe. Have you known anyone who has gotten the virus?

We Are Not Being Told Everything

There are two people I know very well who got the virus, we are not being told everything about all the symptoms. It was inevitable in the beginning because Autumn was a nurse and her husband an attorney. They ended up sick because one of Autumn’s patients had COVD-19 right at the beginning of February.

Pink Eye

Both being in their early 30s became very ill but were able to fight it out at home. It took them both a 2 months to recover. They both had the exact symptoms but there is more the press should be telling us.

COVID-19 Has Many Symptoms

What other symptoms are there we are not being informed about? What other symptoms Autumn has her husband had the same. They both had high fevers, sore throats, runny nose for a few days, and Something I heard on the news as the news said not to be to concerned about it.

If anyone is experiencing pink eye symptoms most likely you are infected. Autumn and her husband had severe case of pink eye as I have heard of others having the same. Some people have had pink eye symptoms only, so do not listen to the media, they are not telling all.


COVID-1 Coronavirus News from CDC

COVID-1 Coronavirus News from CDC, Center for Disease Control have updated symptoms besides sore throat, troubles breathing. These are symptoms you can have before your sickness gets worse or having these symptoms you should get the COVS-19 test.

These symptoms include:

No Taste or Smell
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Soar throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • I will add pink eye since there are many people who have gotten pink eye. I personally know 2 survivors and they both had pink eye.

The information comes from the CDC Center of disease control.


Just look at China and what their officials what kind of gear they are wearing. Fully suited up space looking suits. I have talked about a Dr. before I know on the front lines in New York and the younger Dr’s and nurses dying did not have full protective gear from head to toe.

Chins's protection
China Protection

In other words the masks and gloves are not working alone. Pay attention to videos you see in China and how they are wearing protective gear.

All the different roomers that 5 G ramped up in the same town and same time as COVD-19. Read more on Coronavirus COVD-19

Protect Yourselves

Protect yourselves with the best possible gear you can. The virus does attach itself to your eyes because there are membranes in your eyes. I would wear ski goggles as well to protect your eyes. Have a box of gloves along with a bottle of propanal alcohol. I discard the gloves before I get into my truck than I dump some alcohol onto my hands.

After leaving the store, I put alcohol on Kleenex I have in my truck than put it on the inside of my nose to hopefully attack the virus if it got in my nose before it made its way any further. I know this sounds extreme, but I could have protected myself this way.

Ways Of Protection

What other ways of protection are you using besides the mask? Any home remedies for anyone? Maybe if we pass on this article. Others could add what they are doing and possibly we could find a common denominator why some are more sick than others. No one has talked about what people at home are doing in comparison.

Pass The Research On

Pass this on and please add to the comments what other remedies you use once going out in public to be safe or a way you go about attacking the virus if it could have clung to you but your safe methods may have killed COVD-19 right away. Again for me, I carry around a bottle of alcohol. What am I doing with it?

I can instantly put on my hands after taking the gloves off and I will dab some on a Kleenex and put it in my nose and around my mouth once I am in my truck. I also dab my face, and swallow a bunch of water. Furthermore, if this virus gets in the back of my throat, the liquid will push it to my stomach to kill the bacteria.

Safety Net

Having a safety net to protect yourself and loved ones is important. Do not forget to wipe down your groceries once you bring them home. Here is an article I wrote that towards the end, there is information on how to best handle your groceries among other tips.

Keep up your safety net. Please pass this on so others can comment and see if we can find a simple common denominator as to why some have been sick and others not. Why have some have not or did not show symptoms. Tell us about your diet as well maybe what vitamins you take or maybe you consume more water than usual.


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We Are All In This, Lets Find A Way To Kill This Bug!

Comment Below. Please, please take the time to add what you do on a daily basis to keep healthy and THANK YOU!

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16 thoughts on “Home Research COVID-19

  1. Yes It started last December 19, 2019 at Wuhan China of which they revealed the first official case of SARS cov2 patient suffering from atypical form of pneumonia,the virus belongs to a family of RNA respiratory viruses such as SARS,respiratory syncitial virus(RSV),rhinoviruses and MERS,,,COVID19 is closely related to SARS and MERS. It came from bats and had an intermidiate host which happen to be pangolins( anteater) and then from the pangolins transmitted to humans. The virus can be transmitted by droplet particles in the act of sneezing and coughing and it can also be transmitted by aerosols thru talking and normal respiration and likewise by ultrafine particles that floats for hours 13 feet above the air as seen and collected by chinese health authorities in one of the intensive care unit where they admitted Covid19 infected patients…so wearing ineffective ordinary face masks not approved by the National institute of occupational Safety and Health or NIOSH is also useless because NIOSH recommends the N95 filtering facepiece respirator physical distancing is somewhat useless because of the high viral-load environmental contamination. The signs and symptoms of the virus is almost the same as other respiratory viral infection because the novel coronavirus came from the old parent coronaviruses and mutated into 3 variants type A ,B and C which spreads all over the world. The authorities keep changing the signs and symptoms of the patients with Covid19 infection because they dont know what is happening and not all patients are alike because we are from different races and each race will display more or less the same symptoms but will defer in the long run due to genetic differences. Maintaining good hygiene practices, lifestyle change and boosting your immune system is really a big factor why others survived and others succumb to the infection,because most of the victims have comorbidities before they got the infection so understandably they are more susceptible to the virus and will have serious consequences. You can email me directly for some information because I have so much to tell from my daily encounter of the patients suspected and some are Covid19 positive patients.

    Regards…Laertes MD

    1. Thank you Dr Lartez MD for your information.  I believe you are correct when you said it just depends on the person. I am having those who comment to add something if there is something different they are doing like certain  vitamins, I was also told soda water and zino helps but I have not researched this yet. 

  2. You are absolutely right that all the information about covid19 out there are not everything. MY friend who has just turn 29 got the covid19. He lives in NYC and is a chef in a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn. I guess what I am trying to say is do not believe what the media has to say 100% because all that is, is just the numbers of the people that are reported to the healthcare system. The sad part is that they made it but what happened to my friend was there was no hospital capacity for him so he had to self quarantine himself while face timing the doctor. The symptoms that he experienced was the flu like symptoms with high fever up and down for about 2 weeks. It was severe one day and better the next and went back to being bad again, rinse and repeat. He is better now but he is still not a 100%. Plus he doesn’t cough at all just fever and no runny nose. 

    I hope what I say here can be useful for others. What we can do for now is to prevent by practicing personal genuine. Come up with your own PPE. What I do is I wear glasses and face mask always when I am outside. I always sanitize my hands and do not touch my face or my eyes at all until I come home. When I come home to wash my hands religiously and then take a shower as well. 

    Now your fridge can be a breeding ground for the covid19. They can stay alive in the fridge for about a month. What can you do? Make sure that you cook all the food! Heat will take care of it.

    Will share your post. Stay safe!

    1. Nuttanee,

      I am very glad your friend recovered. A way to keep the germs from getting into your fridge or in your coubards is to use a cleaning supply on a rag or paper towel and wipe everything down from the store and toss your bags out right away.  Then clean the area you used.  I appreciate your response. 

  3. Excellent article on Covid19; as much as the Media and the CDC is giving details on the cause of this wrenching killer disease, no one know what is the cause, they only know it’s a virus.  They are treating the unknown, and this is like a guesting game on humans life.  The only effectiveness it seems is staying home, and continuous hygiene by washing hands.

    My God child had lived in a group home has died from Covid19, they found her in her room on her bed covered in vomit, and filth  unresponsive, when she was check she was positive of the virus. In her case of symptoms was high fever, diarrhea, and vomiting as far as I know.

    One of my son had the virus with very high fever on and off for over five days, along with weakness, pain in his abdomen, persists cough and shortness of breath, with the guidance of his primary care physician he quarantined at home taking  tylenol every 4 hrs, lot of herbal tea of ginger tea, fever-grass tea, and (green tea, lemon and baking soda) mixed together and drank daily. He eventually got the test, but came back negative, he was interview by one of their personnel who told him his symptoms was the virus.  

    As for me, throughout this epidemic I have been home bound, except for one day in each month I had to go out, and that was two blocks  away from home, and I was very covered up. 

    1. Thank you for your response.  My close friend who are a couple I mentioned that got the virus had the dame symptoms together as your child and God child except pink eye added.  My condolences  to you and thank you for your information. 

  4. This article is great and needed at this time!

    I agree with you that they are not telling everything about the virus. Some facts don’t add up. I was wondering if hand sanitizers or common detergent can kill this virus then getting the cure should be easy because some of the components we have in soap we have drugs that contain them,! It is the hydroxyl part of the soap that combines with the virus to form scum.

    How about taking blood sample from individual that recovers and check what is in their immune system that fought the vieus,that could be a great start!

    1. Lizzychris 

      Your right things do not add up. I believe I had the virus back in December.  The thing I’d with all the new symptoms,  it sounds like radiation poisoning. There has been big talk how unsafe the 5 G network is. 

      With all the planes putting chemtrails in the sky which is aluminum among other chemicals,  then the 5 G boxes are going to be one every hundred feet which are run off of microwave antennas, we are all like sitting in a microwave being cooked. 

      My friend who works on planes sent me a picture of a plane that had a switch that said chemtrails below it. He erased it right away because he did not want to lose his job.  

      There are many things hidden groom us.  

      Thank you for posting.  

  5. Nice work you are putting up there, the ravaging pandemic has actually caused much damage than we ever thought, alot o lives lost and countries going into liquidation… I  personally say we adhere strictly to the protective measures such as regular waving of hands, face mask, social distancing and also eat proper diet and with God by our side we will fight it through

    1. Evens 

      I agree about having God by our side. I have an article about all this Signs End Times. God’s speaks of these pandemics and I believe if your a Christian you steer protected.  Thanks for your response.  

  6. Thanks for sharing such an educative and health article in this crusial time,I learnt asomething me about the symptoms i.e the pink eyes,never knew is also a symptom.In my house we have been applying some preventive measures besides the face mask,like frequent washing of hands in running water using soaps,applying hand sanitizer after washing, avoid handshake and uses leg shake as an alternative,don’t touch face with unwashed hands.

    thanks,best regards.

  7. Very good informative post. I don’t think that this new virus will go away any time soon. It might come back next year with a new strand. The best thing to do is to strengthen our immune system by taking natural herbs, eating healthy, and exercise. I’m not a supporter of using vaccines for immune systems. But for people who have auto-immune, it might be beneficial. Stay safe.

    1. John, 

      I agree.  Because of my Christian beliefs,  I do not trust what could be in vaccines.  Eating healthy is important.  I think if you could build your own garden as everything you buy anymore is chemically grown. 

  8. Hello there thanks for this review. It was really helpful and educative. I think the best thing we can do to protect ourselves from this deadly disease that is ravaging the world is by observing proper hygiene. However it is a nice idea carrying out self-testing as we cannot leave all that to be done by the government.

    1. Philebur, I agree as we all know about sanitization. Thanks for replying. I am curious about if people are taking more vitamins. I also need to research zink and soda water is supposed to do wonders.

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