September 30, 2020


Bitcoin Halving 2020

What is Bitcoin halving 2020?

Bitcoin halving on May 12, 2020 is a big thing. Bitcoin was created in 2009 as a decentralized currency so there is no third party to basically tell you what to do with your money, or stacking up fees and costs. It is run off a blockchain.

“You want to get your coins now no later then tomorrow so you not to late”

To understand better read about blockchain here, there is a lot of information that is broken down. What is even worse is when you go to the bank to take out $10,000 and they make you wait or charge you a fortune to send it overseas. Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder although no one knows who he really is. This is on purpose to show how private your transactions are.


Ethereum came out after bitcoin and is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

Ethereum has its own coins that work with its system. You can look up the information you need to know by the links I have presented to you. Let’s understand the coins and we will get into halving.

I will be giving you informational links to research information yourself but you out of time for that. I want to be able to get this out to tell you the coins I think are going to skyrocket.

It could be the day after halving or it could take months, but it will happen when the prices will climb. Some coins you simply can not get now. I am here to tell you the coins I think through my research and watching the market for 2 1/2 years. Finding the right small ones can mint you a millionaire.


Like all investing companies and information you get out there, I urge you to invest wisely, use about 10% of your savings, although you can do what you want. It is your decision on investing and what you choose I am not held responsible for your investing decisions.

I am not saying this because this is not true information, but I also can not predict the future. This is based on my own knowledge so it is up to you what you do with it.

Decentralized Currency

Decentralized currency has so many altcoins besides Ethereum and Bitcoin. Some will not stay around, but the ones that when you own bitcoin BTC, there are other altcoins to bitcoin. They all have their own function like being able to use credit cards with bitcoin.,

BAT Wallet (Basic Attention token) is for internet users who use Braves free web browser available at can replace adds they want to see and get paid for it. This is an Ethereum coin which is faster and less expensive to use compared to bitcoin. You use the amount of internet you want to and this helps companies get advertised.

OXT is a coin that includes a VPN and other figures that gives the internet users control, like sending documents securely. Many things can happen in the cryptocurrency world like signing and paying for house titles, shopping, insurance.

The banks already have been using electronic money. It is nothing new. You take your money in, it is login into there computer system. Now, you are saved from fines and costs. You can send $10,000 now if you want to another country that accepts cryptocurrency.

Why Halving

There becomes a time that the blockchain is set up every four years to halve. This works with inflation and taking out the cons that really are not needed. Investopedia explains real well, “Every 210,000 blocks mined, or about every four years, the reward given to Bitcoin miners for processing transactions is cut in half. This cuts in half the rate at which new Bitcoin is released into circulation. This is Bitcoin’s way of using a synthetic form of inflation that halves every four years until all Bitcoin is released and is In circulation,” Investopedia, (2020).

Striking It Rich

Why this is the last time for anyone who does not have money to get in on striking it rich is because over time, each halving Bitcoin increases. The first time Bitcoin halved in 2012 it went from $10to $1150. The second was July 2016 when it halved taking it back down to $650 a coin. By December 2017 Bitcoin rose to $20,000 per coin, along with altcoins that were pennies on the dollar that soared. XRP was under a penny as it climbed to $7,000 per coin. Ethererum drove to around $13,000 depending on the platform you used. Reasons why bitcoin halves.

Read White Paper On New Companies

Be sure to read the white paper on any new coins you do not know about. Now the investors and research if you do not. There are regulations that new companies need to register with the government to keep CEO s from running off with peoples money. This is also why you keep you coins in a wallet.

Coins I Choose

These coins I choose because they have to do with the way the world is innovating and depending on electronics for much of anything. The go in the direction of Economics and time. Prices are as of the evening of May 7, 2020.


BTC Bitcoin – $9,963.26

ETH Ethereum – $213.16

XRP Ripple- $$0.22

BAT-Basic Attention Token $0.1907 As explained above.

Small Coins with Potential Huge Gains

This is small coins I think have the potential to mint money

EOS-EOS $2.77 Designed to support large scale transactions.

MONERO- Monero $64.72 Monero is for transactions that can not be traced or traced

TEZOS-TEZOS $ 2.80 ONE OF THE TOP RISING COINS. Token holders can earn rewards for creating and verifying blocks. Similar to Bitcoin mining, with less energy and more green.

LINK- Chainlink $3.83 Ethereum token to connect external data sources as API’S, and payment systems

NEO- NEO $9.90 Designed to support applications on a large scale with different languages.

UNUS SED LEO – $1.06 Used on Bitfinex crypto exchange as a way of reducing trading, lending, & other exchange fees.

Synthetic Network Token – $0.87 The network that runs Tron, Cosmos

Algorand – $0.20 Frictionless financing through the blockchain.

DX Chain token is at $0.0018. This has a market cap of 90.10 million and had 49.10 billion circulating out there so this should be a great halving opportunity.

More Coins

You can research more coins on Coinbase. Coinbase will give you the rundown. I hope this gives you all a little help on purchasing coins. There may be some it is too late to purchase. Coinbase and Voyager are the simplest to use for newcomers. You can get all the coins on Voyager and not on Coinbase.

Good luck to everyone and happy investing!

I put a lot of time and effort into this so when you do great off of my recommendations, and this information usually cost $1,000 or more to get, I will be posting a place you can contribute to me out of the kindness of your heart. This is for all my friends.


First, download Coinbase or Voyager. You will have to give your information so it is your account. Once approved, it could take up to 24 hours, depending on how you fund your account. Once that is done start buying. Let me know if you need any help. Just click on the coin you want to purchase, there is a little circle on your phone app, click it and it will ask your permission to deposit money into Coinbase for that coin.

Cashing out

Transfer everything over to USDA Coin to cash out so the fees are not as high.

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14 thoughts on “BITCOIN HALVING 2020

  1. Hi thanks for sharing this wonderful and we’ll detailed article.Its such an interesting article.I really appreciate the way you took out time to explain  the difference between this coin and bitcoin. , you didnt lie to us, you were been straight forward when educating us with great  tips on how to invest wisely.the information is nice and it will bring benefits to people who are interested to invest.

    1. Marthagirl, 

      If even you can invest $8, $10, $100 this is called satoshi parts of Bitcoin. You can keep adding to it and after the next halving in 2024, you will become a millionaire. There is not going to be money the dollar in the near future. Those that do not invest in this will be on the sidelines being poor. Look how much food has gone up and the dollar has you spending your whole paycheck just about. Bitcoin only increases in value.

  2. Hello, Your suggestion and guide is very helpful for me regarding bitcoin. I was working on Etherium earlier. I still have 10 ETH. Now I am planing to going with bitcoin. Now I know that Bitcoin it the king in the crypto currency. I will also try some small coins. I know they will also grow when bitcoin grow. Your guide is very helpful for me.

    1. Prithvi Raj,

      Etherium is good to have as well. When Bitcoin goes up, so does Ethereum. It is good to own even pieces of Bitcoin because as time goes on the more scarce it will be. The world is in a change of currency. Japan is getting rid of yen and using there digital currency which is digital yen. People are being blinded just like when computers came ou. No one thought they would take hold and know everything is becoming digital. 

  3. It’s been years of me trying to understand what Bitcoin is and why everyone is fussing over it. What exactly can you do with it? I mean, you’ll be spending over $10,000 for a single coin, how is that possible and how will I benefit from purchasing this coin? Is this all a virtual thing or will I actually get my hands on one of the coins?

    1. Stephanie, There is only 18,319,475 bitcoin made so far. When halving takes place, it will cut down the bitcoin so more can be mined. There are only 21 million ever to be made. By the next halving, all could be made. Each time it halves it becomes more scarce which drives up the price. 

      Casascius Bitcoins are physical coins you can hold – and each one is worth real digital bitcoins

      We are seeing our currency be changed in front of our eyes. If you do not get some you could be in a world of hurt later. This is what is going to separate rich from poor no middle class. Research you will see.

  4. Hi Sheri, I love the concept of your business . The energy of your post is very  vibrant  and your words jump out very passionately about each subject . The only thing is to maybe not be too wordy , be careful with your grammar ( a few spelling errors ) or use to many colour fonts . It can start to look a bit messy . . We are all sitting on computers all day ( well speaking for myself ,inparticular at this time :)) There is just so much on your page, maybe its the theme ? but your top navigation bar is great, just the content feels very cramped ?    But I really want to read everything on your site ~ ! and i have book marked it to follow !   have another look at your part – about you as well . When i go to a site, i am drawn to that part , as i like to know who is talking to me . Break that section up into easy to follow paragraphs and put a photo of yourself  . Keep up the great work ~~

    1. Thank you for your feedback. It may look more cramped as his is more of a magazine-style. I will se what I can do to make it easier to read.

  5. It is so interesting! I love the way you explain to us the difference between this coin and the typical bitcoin. You are smart to provide this info. Furthermore, you don’t pretend to lie to us, you just give us tips to invest wisely. The info in this article is so important because it may bring benefits for the people that are interested in this topic. I think it is important knowing more about the Small Coins with Potential Huge Gains.

    Do you think it is important to invest in a course to get more info about this?

  6. My buddy is pretty heavy in the bitcoin game.  I am still very weary of this game and am unsure of it based on how it is backed up.  But then again the government is printing money at an alarming rate for the covid-19 crisis and is that being backed up by gold?  I don’t think so.  So maybe I should reopen my mind into getting into the bitcoin game.  This halving information on bitcoin is fascinating and I will have to weigh my options on if this is worth it.

    1. Eric,

      Money has not been backed by gold since President Rosevelt in 1971. The dollar loses value. When people put money into Bitcoin, there are only so many that can be mined ever, so it becomes more valuable at the halving because there becomes less each time. There are only a little over 5 million more that can be mined.

  7. Hi Sheri,

    I wanted to invest in Bitcoin now for years, but get cold feet every time.  I did a lot of research online and just cannot get the answer I’m looking for. A lot of people promote and recommend Bitcoin and a lot of people says it is either a scam (for certain sites) or not worth the money.

    I know Bitcoin in itself is not a scam, but there are those that create scams around it.

    Your post about “Halving Bitcoin 2020” provides a lot of useful information and I decided to look into it again.

    Can you give me a rough idea of how much money I would need to start investing in Bitcoin and make it worth my while? 

    1. Rika, 

      This depends on your strategy. Having any amount of Bitcoin is worth something as there are is only 5 million more that can be made. If you think about it, we have been doing digital money already with the banks. Just now it has been figured out since 2009 after the big crash, how to will mine or make electronic money without any third parties telling us how to handle our money.

      JP Morgan, Chase Bank created there own digital coin and have put their money into bitcoin. Millionaires are buying so there value does not go down, only increases as the value of the dollar decreases. They are protecting their money.

      So, if you even bought 100 in bitcoin which are called satoshis (pieces of bitcoin) and hang onto it, it will be worth a million down the road, People will be paying big bucks for it.  It is estimated that one bitcoin within a year after halving, will go up to 100,000 and even more. 

      The only scam I talked about is When there were no regulations at all. Companies did not have to register, therefore there were CEOS creating exchanges, running off with people’s money. Now, these companies or exchanges have to register. This is why you should also get a wallet, it looks like a sim card.

      Keep your money off the exchanges unless your trading. If you have any small amount, in the future you will be rich. People have made money off of altcoins being under a dollar purchasing them then they have gains of 20,000 %. I know someone who has made over $10,000 in the free coins you can get when a new one comes out.

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