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What Is W.I.P. All About? 

1AngelFace @ W.I.P

1. Natural women every day (no superstar models)   will be picked with their story to be our cover model for the month.

2. Women In Prime W.I.P wants to keep the Passion in Women-keeping LOVE ALIVE.

3. Successful Women- success stories that may help you to achieve success as an entrepreneur

4.  Women helping Women towards success. We help women build an online business, to become entrepreneurs.

5. What keeps a man attracted to you.

6. Hearing women’s love stories can help inspire others.

 “Send A Picture so you may be picked for our model of the month along with your love story”      

Models are randomly picked so anyone could have a chance. As long as your not a supermodel in a magazine it could be you on our front page. We want natural everyday beauty here.

Lenette and Sheri natural beauty shown on W.I.P
Natural Beauty Shines Here At W.I.P

“We are not prejudiced against supermodels, we are focusing on the natural everyday women at this website.”

Natural Everyday Women In Prime

Heating up the Passion with W.I.P  came about over 12 years ago when I realized 2 out of 23 really had heated ideas to keeping their man satisfied, and what to do to keep him focused on you.

“I do not know about you, but my man keeps me happy, I want to remind him why he keeps me happy.”

Many women I have talked to were complaining about the passion that is not there in their relationship anymore, or how the romance was not alive like it used to be.

“Do you ever wonder what happened?”

Others wondered how the burning flame of desire has started to flicker out, or how some women are able to keep a marriage for over 20 years.

Heck, some wonder how women keep a relationship longer than 5 years or six months!

When Love Is Alive

When love is alive, women naturally feel the heat from the passion is that is so hot, it builds up inside as our bodies always feel like they are on fire.

When your first with a new romance and you feel like your bodies just melt into each other, as you become one.

You just can not wait to get home and have him before dinner and after dinner, as the fantasies flood your vision throughout the day. It brings out the passion in us.

The Passion In Women   
Women In Prime Years are Beautiful

Passion in women can run deep. During the day all you can do is think of him.

As he interrupts your work because you are undressing him in your mind and thinking of how much you want him now, at this moment, ohhh how sexy he is to you.

Feeling the way your hands meet his skin as you run your fingers across his body. The way his muscles feel as you are lying next to him.

You run your foot up and down his leg massaging him. Your mouth waters as the way he tastes when his lips meet yours.

Everywhere you go things remind you of him and everything you see that is cool you want to get for him.

You just can not get enough of showing him how much you care and love this man. You would do anything in the world to keep him happy. The passion is alive.

As time goes on, sometimes we end up taking for granted what we have, rather it is him or you, we get comfortable in our hearts thinking we have him forever or he has you forever.   

Butterflies by Sheri Merrick

The butterflies start fading away as you do not touch as you used too and you feel like love has settled in, but the passion is dissipating.

Does Something Happen to the Passion, the Desire, the Love?

What happens to that passion? How does that burning desire you had for each other just go away? What makes men cheat when everything seemed so perfect and now in the matter of a moment, love flashed right by?

Women Are at Many Stages of Love In Life.

Some women are confident in their careers and sex life; some are confident in their careers and not happy with their sex life.


Adult life pleasures are not always played upon as some women are not sure of themselves, busy in building their careers, or are not sure how to keep the passion going or how to rekindle that burning desire.

Take For Granted

We get lost in our careers, raising families to take life for granted and we forget to keep pleasures in life flowing. We take for granted the other will always be there.

What could be going wrong?

We are human and can not lose that connection or your partner. Not having that communication between partners or affection hurts relationships, sometimes without one another realizing it is happening.


The attraction for another or someone seducing can easily be accommodated when all of a sudden you start wondering why your partner has not been giving you the attention you become to realize that has not been there.

Being of importance, we need to stop and think as women that this too can happen to your partner. Women In Prime want to help women keep their relationships alive.

We all can become too busy in our lives but it is important to never lose focus of your loved one or take the relationship for granted or you can lose the one you love forever. We all need the human touch.


W.I.P wants to help keep the passion in your relationship, maybe you will learn something new. I hope to keep you feeling sexy, alive and confident and your own sense of independence through a successful business of your own.

“Communication, showing love, respect and foundation is the key”

How We Can Help

I feel I can help women to find that passion lost or to keep it alive by sharing stories, we could learning different ways to try to keep the passion and intimacy alive.♥

♥We want to help you keep a successful relationship, have success in whatever that is for you as long as it does not hurt anyone or anyone is not hurting you.♥♥

Women helping women by sharing stories can help trigger something special in another.

What Men Have To Say

I will share stories on how men may think. Not all think the same way but this will be in general.

Hearing what men may have to say about what keeps a man wanting you and only you!”

We welcome stories from men as well. What has kept you wanting your woman and not another?

Sharing Our Passions

Through our stories, and sharing our passions, maybe we can help women heal, forget about being shy, spark up relationships with love and respect.

Give women the confidence to date again. Keep those candles burning and maybe rekindle that fire for that everlasting desire.

 “I want to help women to feel and keep that deep passion of love and desire in their relationships.”

“I want women to know their self-worth and to be strong within so they do not get caught up in a weakened web as I did”

Please send in your love story, your success, or something you would like some advice on. If I do not know the answer, I sure will research it for you, find statistics or some kind of an answer.

“Women In There Prime Should Be Rocking It!”

Whatever you would like to write about send it in to

Along with a picture of you and you may get chosen for next month’s model.

I will not post pictures of Supermodels, Only Natural Everyday Women on my Website.

I want to show the natural beauty of women. I think that many women will be able to relate and feel like they have more in common with women who are not supermodels.

Furthermore, It can be difficult for some people to relate to seeing a supermodel on the front page of my website. People tend to think their lives are superficial.

Although I do have to say, even famous women go through hard times, rough relationships and do not try and take their relationship for granted.

I welcome stories from all women as we can help one another grow. I will keep your name confidential by using a fake name.


This is a new website and when I can accumulate enough visitors and to have a model every month, or I reach 40,000 visitors, I will have a drawing for a prize.

I want you to know your special but the winner of the drawing will either get a pre-paid visa or you and your partner a paid flight somewhere.

The visa amount or the paid flight is unknown. When I reach 20,000 visitors or 12 models a month the decision will be made. At that point, I will let you all know.

Sheri Merrick signature Page

Sheri M

♥W.I.P Women In Prime♥

“Keeping it Real and Pleasurable”

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  1. Great topic!  I have been married for 31 years … can’t  believe it has been that long!  It takes work on both the man and the women’s part to keep the fires of passion open, but I really think in today’s society the woman “model” figure is thought of as a sex symbol and that we all need to look like that.  How wrong!  There is so much more to this.  I look forward to hearing more woman’s stories and the things that they do to keep those fires burning.  

  2. I love what you are doing here. Us women have to support each other more and also express what we need more without feeling shame by all these old fashioned standard. If the old standard work why we are still seeking for new solutions? We need to set our new standard and love ourselves as who we are by not comparing to those people in the media. Guess what those people have a team to glam them up and they spent lots of money on surgery, well it is their career. Cannot wait to read about all the stories of real women. 🙂

    1. Nuttanee,

      Thank you. I agree. We need to show the realism in this world, and how relationships can last, not deteriorate and not be married 4 or 5 times like in Hollywood.  The world needs love, too much violence.

  3. Great post! I can really get the feeling of your website when reading. You spelled it all out well. Sometimes it’s best to rekindle the fire. What better way than through a good story? By the way, are you a romance novelist? Maybe you should give it a shot if not! I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your posts, well done!

    1. Pentrental,

      Thank you and I could be. I have thought about trying to be a romantic novelist, never tried. Thank you for sharing. In your opinion, if you are in a relationship or maybe your career, what has made you successful?

  4. I say it is about time we have a website to show the natural everyday women, not supermodels. There are successful and not successful people. Some in love, some just burned. Together we can stand and pull women up that need it, listen to stories that may hit home and stand strong together.

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