September 29, 2020

Review: Wealthy Affiliate: Helping Over a Million to Become Entrepreneurs

A review on Wealthy Affiliate how they have created over a million entrepreneurs since 2006. Great training and you can try for free to see if being an entrepreneur owning your own business online is for you.

Review: Wealthy Affiliate

By This Review Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Has Helped Over a Million to Become Entrepreneurs since 2006 and are quite famous. Kyle and

Review: Wealthy Affiliate; Kyle

Carson had made a lot of money when they were one of the first gurus to figure out they could make money from the business by advertising for them. They did so well, they decided to help others’ who wanted to become Affiliate Marketers.

Best of the Best; Creating Wealthy Affiliate

The best of the best, Carson and Kyle had made a lot of money, and they really wanted     Review: Wealthy Affiliate Carson

to help others’ become successful and have done so by Helping Over a Million to Become Entrepreneurs around the world through Wealthy Affiliate. Some making $5,000, $10,000 and even more A MONTH but they have been at this for a while, probably a few years.

It is more feasible making $50 a week or $500 starting out. This just depends on you and how you are working your business. Kyle gives detail by detail training on what to do. Seriously, a five-year-old could build a website.


College Education With Out Paying The Price $$$$$$$$$$$

I compare the platform and training to the expertise education you would receive in College Style Without Paying $$$$$$$ the huge price tag on one college course which is $2,000 per class at Grand Canyon University.

You can have access to training and around the clock expert advice. I never knew a thing about how to build websites. See what you get with a FREE site here.

* 2 Free Websites * Virus Protection * Free Training *WordPress

Going Premium

Going premium is $49 per month and it gets less expensive paying for 6 months or 1 year upfront. At this price, it has to be the smallest business expense I ever have seen. You can also get premium-free if you comment on others’ website or pages. Here is what you get with Premium.

* 50 Free Websites * Virus & Spam Protection * Free Training * WordPress *over 3,000 themes * Live Chat Site 24/7 * Plug-In over 300 hours of education * Earn revenue for creating your own training * Your Own Authority WA Blog

Competition Is Not Even A Comparison

Kyle and Carson really wanted to help people start their business without being taken advantage of. When I was at the beginning stages of my business, I saw competition charging $99 to suck me in. I thought it was a nonexpensive site to learn on. Next, it was costing me $50 for this, $79 for that (different things I needed to build my platform I was not told about), I was at $300 with the platform I had to build.

Wealthy Affiliate Saved Me

Then, Wealthy Affiliate saved me and I took the $399 as a loss, starting over with (WA).

AWOL would want another $10,000 to get you up and running with an instant profitable website. They are a good company, just expensive.

How Much Is the Training?

Training what you get in the FREE Version and the PREMIUM is only $49 a month. That is nothing for a business expense. To get PREMIUM  FREE, you just have to make comments on other Affiliate sites within the platform, or sell their product.

        Overall Rating 

I give (WA) a 5 star because of all the amazing things you get for your free website and how inexpensive it is to run your business with Premium for $49 a month.

You can get your website all most paid for by comenting on other sites, you can make money from their site. They do all they can, getting your website in premium practically for free.

There is a lot of good information about a few other sites, but nothing compares to the training, the support of Wealthy Affiliate. It is truly amazing. If you are going to create a business online and not be prejudice to one thing, the site gives you many good ways to make money.

In regard to my ranking and review: Wealthy Affiliate; Helping Over a Million to Become Entrepreneurs Carson and Kyle, great job!

I do not think too many people can say they have created over a million entrepreneurs.  

Many New Trainers

W.I.P My Competition says Bird

Compare others’ as AWOL has moved way down the list as there are so many new people teaching online business. I will leave links below if you would like to compare a few of these:



WA Merrick CEO W.I.P Women in Prime



Sheri Merrick

W.I.P (WOMEN in Prime)

W.I.P. Women In Prime

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4 thoughts on “Review: Wealthy Affiliate: Helping Over a Million to Become Entrepreneurs

  1. Hi, just like the title of your article “Wealthy Affiliate; Helping Over a Million to Become Entrepreneurs”, I also hope that I will become an Entrepreneurs; but after I joined WA, I found that I have a lot of knowledge and skills to learn and participate in the corresponding Training, I also know that it takes a long time to become an Entrepreneurs, let us work together to grow.

    1. Hello JealousLi. That is one of the great benefits of being premium is all the support 24 hours around the clock you get. Entrepreneurs who are successfully giving back to help others grow. Do not give up, sometimes it takes someone overnight and sometimes it could take a few months just like any business to grow and get word of mouth out to friends, advertisement, and your product. Follow all the training Kyle teaches you along with the support you have here and you will do great!

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is the most inexpensive affiliate marketing program there is. The best part of course would be the training and webinars which offers vast learning courses on this platform. Most affiliate universities would cost you about $200-300 just for the course itself but it’s free with WA. I have improved myself a lot with Word press, keyword search and SEOs, which I didn’t have any clue before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. 

    As for professional commenting, I must say it really helps to cover my monthly dues of $49. I’m really not paying anything at all and at the same time help my WA community to share my opinion regarding their post. It was nice reading your overview about WA. I wish you more success in the future!

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